I have to admit I hadn’t expected a fully free boostrappable OpenJDK already, but there it is! IcedTea patches OpenJDK so that it doesn’t need any binary blobs anymore, replacing the blobs with GNU Classpath code, compiles it all using gcj and (optionally) bootstraps itself using the just build hotspot and javac. Impressive! No full gui support yet, but non-gui stuff runs fine and even the Mauve test results look pretty decent. Woot!


  1. tmarble says:


    Can you point to the Mauve results? We should run jtreg on IcedTea as well. This is really awesome work built on all the cumulative effort of Classpath & Friends! I especially want to thank
    Andrew Haley, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Lillian Angel, Tania Bento,
    Kyle Galloway, and Francis Kung for helping show the way to Freedom.



  2. Hi Tom,

    Posted the output of a run at

    Since mauve doesn’t have an easy option not to run any awt/swing related tests this is just done by hand as follows:

    PATH=~/src/icedtea/openjdk/control/build/linux-i586/bin:$PATH ~/src/icedtea/openjdk/control/build/linux-i586/bin/java Harness -vm ~/src/icedtea/openjdk/control/build/linux-i586/bin/java -timeout 30000 -showpasses java.lang java.math java.text java.util java.nio java.rmi java.sql javax.crypto javax.accessibility javax.activity javax.rmi javax.xml javax.transaction javax.sql javax.naming

    Note that this is the first time that I have run the Mauve tests on anything not GNU Classpath derived and some tests fail because of different assumptions of what the core classes should do and some fail because they have hard coded GNU dependencies (bad us!). So some cleaning up of the tests is in order.

  3. Mario says:

    Hey! Great news! Congratulation for that! I told you I was expecting something like this :D

    Few of our tests (Chasrset and Symbols) do wrong assumption, I was looking at this when I was on the DecimalFormat and the Collator but never came up with a fix sorry…

    The jtreg results would be interesting also, anyone with results?


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