Fedora 8 “Werewolf” and IcedTea

Fedora 8

Fedora 8 is finally golden. Download it now!
IcedTea is included, but only for the x86 and x86_64 architectures. GCJ is of course included for all architectures. The gcjwebplugin integration seems to just work out of the box.

IcedTea - GNU Classpath and OpenJDK in harmony

Also if you haven’t played with virtualization yet and want to really know what the hype about Cloud Computing and the true potential of Any App, Anywhere, Anytime is then take libvirt and virt-manager for a spin. Whether you want to do virtualization through qemu/kvm, xen, it just works and scripting is easy.

Make sure to read the Fedora 8 Release Summary for lots of new feature descriptions and screenshots (Fedora Spins, PulseAudio, Nodoka, system-config-firewall, system-config-printer, BlueZ, gcjwebplugin, NetworkManager, laptop quirks, Compiz-Fusion, Pirut, GNOME Online Desktop , SELinux Kiosk, PolicyKit, virt-manager, Transifex, Rsyslog, Eclipse Europa).

I have been running it since test 3 on my laptop and it is pretty solid and a nicely polished GNU/Linux distro.

Fedora 8 DVD