1. Congrats! And a beautiful name, too!

  2. Tom Tromey says:

    Congratulations Petri and Mark!

    This photo makes him look like a fighter :-)

  3. Congratulations Mark and Petri!

  4. Mario Torre says:


    Congratulations Daddy!!!!!!!!

  5. Congrats, Jonas! And to Mark & Petri, too!

  6. Congratulations! Adorable baby!

  7. […] And finally, congratulations to Mark and Petri on the birth of their son, Jonas. […]

  8. Aha, so that’s what you’ve been up to — congratulations indeed!

  9. Dave Gilbert says:


  10. joke says:

    Geweldig, ik heb jullie gevonden! helemaal zelf! knappe oma he
    en dus ook knappe kinderen en kleinkinderen!
    dikke xxx joke

  11. Jeroen Frijters says:


  12. Phil Muldoon says:

    Congrats Mark and Petri! Hope Petri, Jonas and you are doing well!

  13. gbenson says:

    You named your child after an application server???
    PS congratulations ;)

  14. […] familiar faces again. Mark Wielaard was there again of course, this time with both Petri and son Jonas in tow. Jonas is clearly the spitting image of his father and we await his first patch with great […]