First thoughts on OpenJDK Community Bylaws

I am not really sure what to think about the proposed OpenJDK Community Bylaws. There are some very obvious issues in there:

  • The governance board is responsible for sufficient infrastructure for the members, but doesn’t have any resources for that.
  • There is a direct tie to the JCP and the platform JSRs, but those are currently published under license terms that are GPL-incompatible (See Moving Java forward through the JCP?).
  • Members are those that assign all rights to Oracle. (See Trusting companies with your code… and Oracle tries to destroy free java – now what?).
  • It doesn’t define the minimum (GPL) copyright, trademark and patent grants as used by the project (although it does mention it should be open-source).
  • The board consists of Oracle and IBM appointees, with only a minority for independent candidates (the second and third largest corporate contributors, Red Hat and Google are not even mentioned.)

I have posted a longer analysis to the mailinglist.

Hope those blockers can be fixed, but there is a long way to go IMHO.

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