Freedom Box Project

Debian Freedom Box Project

The Debian Freedom Box Project has the cutest logo. I want one!

There is now also the The FreedomBox Foundation. They are raising some money through their “Push the FreedomBox Foundation from 0 to 60 in 30 days” initiative.

Does anybody have recommendations for which of the targeted plug devices to get?


  1. I’ve been using an Iomega Iconnect ( as my ‘arm playground’ over the holidays – fairly cheap on e-bay, runs Debian (lenny), comes with wifi & 4 usb ports, 256M, gigabit ethernet, 1G CPU, trivial to get ssh & root on without soldering, etc. See for someone blogging about their efforts on it.

  2. David Fu says:

    I was thinking that since there are so many mobile phones(old and new) out there, is it possible to modify them into a Freedom Phone? Especially the Android phone, it is almost a walking PC(albeit a slow one). The phones bounce off each other until they reach a Freedom Box(attached to a satellite transmitter) which can then somehow push the information out to a communications satellite.

    It should almost be like a stealth application which can only be launched with a certain key stroke combination specified at install time.

    Maybe it’s just another crazy idea. ;)