LibreOffice – The Document Foundation – One Year


Let’s have a look at some numbers: we have 136 members who have been nominated for their contributions to the project; we have some 270 developers and 270 localizers (although we always want to attract more), many of whom are also members; we have over 100 mailing lists, with over 15,000 subscribers, half of whom receive all our announcements; and there have been thousands of articles in the media worldwide.

LibreOffice is the result of the combined activity of 330 contributors – including former developers – having made more than 25,000 commits

The Document Foundation celebrates its first anniversary



  1. Roman Kennke says:

    Impressive indeed. Compare that to the other important project that used to be Sun’s (not MySQL)… *sigh* Somebody should just start doing LibreJava…

  2. neugens says:

    Cool, Cheers LibreOffice!

    It’s sad I switched to Keynote and Pages :P

    Seriously, thats so impressive, and although LibreOffice still needs a lot of work to be up, those guys are doing an amazing job really. I wish all the Free Software projects were like this, the number of improvement is so massive that it really makes sense to install every new release as quick as possible.

    Apparently, this is a new tendency (Mozilla and Chrome and some other projects are doing the same) which brings some interesting thoughts about the model Linux distributions follows. Is now updating those key application just every 7 or so months enough? But I digress…

    Congratulations guys, keep up the great work!