QT Jambi and Swing integration

Thomas Zander, who got a cool job at Trolltech, pointed me at Eskil’s blog who shows some cool integration between Qt, AWT and Swing. I quickly tested QT/Jambi (all released under the GPL!) against IcedTea and it works pretty nicely. There seems to be some JNI issue when running it against GCJ though. Needs some debugging. But Jambi can also be build against GCJ and QT/Jambi is already part of Mandrake (they even submitted a bug/patch for classpath jni.h, thanks!).

One Comment

  1. autocrat says:

    QT/Jambi apps appear to use up a lot memory.


    When building a QT/Jambi app against gcj, are the memory and startup time of the compiled app closer to that of a native C++ QT app?