Free your IPhone

Want some free java on your IPone? Robert Lougher posted some screenshots of JamVM and GNU Classpath running on it:

GNU Classpath/JamVM on iPhone

JamVM and Jetty on iPhone

Full war story on the JamVM forum.


  1. […] las ich, dass es auch eine Portierung auf’s iPhone gab (Danke @Michael). Weiteres dazu hier. « Java 6 und Mac OS […]

  2. cory says:

    I think Iphone really sucks! I spent a lot of money on this phone and I can not use it for the purposes intended.

    I want the ability to manage my networks remotely with a large screen and have a phone in my hand.

    I also don’t want to pay for a monthly service!

    If Mr. Jobs would have a lick of sense he would at least make JAVA available.

  3. […] also blocks components from their shop that would enable people to run J2ME applications since an open source Java platform has in fact been ported long before Apple even ‘opened’ up their platform. That’s […]