IcedTea, gcjwebplugin and Cortado (ogg/theora streaming)

With IcedTea installed, which includes gcjwebplugin, I was browsing a little and suddenly hit a streaming ogg/theora video that used the Cortado applet. And it just worked! Including sound support! So install the latest IcedTea and Try It Out!.

A full GPLed streaming video and audio stack. How wonderful!


  1. Jh says:

    the jffmpeg project has a number of java based codecs available on sourceforge.

  2. Mario Torre says:

    That’s quite cool! :)

    I really have to find the time to update the gstreamer backend in Classpath, this makes me feel guilty that all the work mostly stopped after the GSoC ended…

  3. Hervé says:

    That’s great !!! Just out of the box !!!!