Almost Christmas Time again…

var fsf_widget_text = “Help protect your freedom!”;
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var fsf_associate_id = “6”; // already a member? change this to your own associate ID and refer people – earn gifts from the FSF, see

Join the FSF as an Associate Member! Click that link! I need only 1 more referral to receive great gifts!

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update: And as Thomas pointed out in the comments, don’t forget about the FSF sister organizations, they need your support too!

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One Comment

  1. Thomas Zander says:

    Hang on, you live in The Netherlands, why would you want to sponsor the FSF? FSFE sounds like a much better sponsor target for you as what they do actually affects you :)
    Not that what FSF does doesn’t indirectly affect people outside the US, but its still in a much much less direct manner.