GDB 7.0

Wow, just wow! Look at all those new features in the just released GNU Debugger 7.0:

  • Python scripting support
  • Reverse debugging, Process record and replay
  • Non-stop debugging
  • Multi-architecture debugging
  • Multi-inferior, multi-process debugging
  • GDB now has an interface for JIT compilation
  • Tracepoints may now be conditional
  • Multi-byte and wide character set support
  • New /r and /m modifiers for the “disassemble” command
  • Automatic retrieval of shared library files from remote targets
  • Inlined functions are now supported
  • New remote protocal packets
  • GDB is now able to read compressed debug sections
  • Thread switching is now supported on Tru64
  • Ada task switching is now supported
  • New features in gdbserver, the GDB remote stub
  • New command to stop execution when a system call is made

Of course no surprises if you have been following Nick Clifton’s GNU Toolchain Updates and some of these features (python scripting, better C++ support and disassemble /m are my personal favourites) have been backported to the Fedora GDB packages already. But it is really nice to see them all together now in a fresh GDB release. Congrats to the GDB hackers. This is really a must have update!


  1. Roman Kennke says:

    Reverse debugging, YAY.

  2. Michael Snyder says:

    There’s a web tutorial on using gdb reverse debugging: