IcedTea and OpenJDK backups

Since the various OpenJDK servers are seeing major ongoing outages the last couple of days it might be good to point out that at least the source code from the master jdk6 and jdk7 mercurial forests do have backups: These are read-only of course. You will also find backups of the various IcedTea mercurial repos there. The IcedTea builds can currently fail if you don’t have openjdk.tar.gz and/or hotspot.tar.gz around in some configurations. You can also get those from the IcedTea autobuilder/tester (and then use configure --with-openjdk-src-zip and/or --with-hotspot-src-zip). Besides creating binaries and test reports, the autobuilder also keeps copies of all the sources used to create the latest successful build run around:

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