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Preparing for LinuxTag

For my LinuxTag talk I wrote a little paper giving an overview of the GNU Classpath ecosystem. I hope it will give a nice overview of the why, how and what we have done. The talk (and the paper) main focus is on what you can do right now on modern GNU/Linux distributions. But if […]

GNU Classpath, GCJ, Fedora, Eclipse

Red Hat Magazine has two nice articles on GNU Classpath, gcj and Eclipse in the new Fedora by Igor and Tom: Introduction to Eclipse on Fedora by Igor Foox Confessions of an Eclipse convert by Tom Tromey And the general Inside Fedora Core 5 article has some notes on Azeureus support.

Lets act professional

That is one interesting acquisition. I hope that means someone will cleanup the code that makes JBoss work with GNU Classpath/jamvm/cacao and makes sure it is also finally tested against gcj :)

World Wind

With the help of Petter Reinholdtsen (yes, one of the original Japhar hackers), we finally got WW2D working with GNU Classpath and Cacao. This is pretty exciting since it is a nice showcase for our jawt and jogl support. One nice thing is that for zooming in and out you can now use the scroll […]

libgcj import, pictures, ocean

GNU Classpath 0.90 got imported into libgcj providing some nice new features. Still some small issues to cleanup, but most of the worked was just merging, compiling and testing things. Some picures from GNU Classpath & Friends at Fosdem, and the meeting in A La Mort Subite are online. The pictures clearly show everybody had […]

Wish you were here – Freeing Fop (and Batik)

The Fedora documentation team has been asking for Free FOP (Formatting Objects Processor – XSL-FO to PDF converter) and Thomas Fitzsimmons delivers. The result is still a bit boring since images are missing in the produced PDF file. But it can already be used to format 100+ page documents.

Some AWT gtk+ progress

With all the excitement about Free Swing you would almost forget about our AWT implementation(s). Got some nice progress with our AWT gtk+ peers: Lillian is also working on some AWT issues now. But there are still lots of hairy corner cases to get right. It is good to see some progress here since Michael […]


Still going strong

Like every couple of months David Gilbert made some charts to show our progress (the usual disclaimers about meaningless statistics apply!). I am especially excited how much progress our Mauve test-suite is making. It shows how serious we are are about the three Cs: Completeness, Correctness and Compatibility. The Mauve report has been generated using […]

JavaOne deployment and compatibility talk rejected

Dalibor, Fernando and I had submitted a talk idea for JavaOne, but it got rejected. I have never been to JavaOne and it would have been nice to talk a bit about our compatibility goal there and how to deploy in a Free Software environment. Many people want to deploy and get their programs written […]