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Are you ready to party!

FOSDEM 2007 (24-25th February 2007 in Brussels, Belgium) has been confirmed. We will have a room for 100 people and has asked for an OpenJDK booth that the FOSDEM organization will place not too far away from that room. Mark your calendars. Details to follow.

Lost friends

Sometimes you see something amazing and find out what a long lost friend is doing now. Go Graydon! More info on Mozilla, Adobe and the GPL/MPL/LGPL Tamarin virtual machine can be found in their press release.


Spacing out in Colorado. Weeee!

Moving the planet

We are moving and to a bigger home tonight. If things go as planned the outage should be not more than 15 minutes. If not, then this message will probably not reach you :)


I wish I was so eloquent as Tom. What can one add after such a well thought out opinion on Libre Java. Just wanted to add a ME2! I know a lot of GNU Classpath people think just like him. Listen to Tom Sun, and you will do fine. I guess what we are now […]

GNU Classpath by Numbers

Some people asked about who is who on the new All Together picture. There is a numbered version and a legend available now. And GNU Classpath 0.92 has already been imported into GCC and JikesRVM did a new release based on it that also incorporates some nice gui and threading fixes.

Bling! Bling!

The GNU Classpath celebrity chavs and chavettes did it again GNU Classpath 0.92 – Bling! Bling!: This is the first release that has a full graphics 2D implemenation based on Cairo enabled by default. This enables the use of applications like JEdit, FlickrBackup and JFreeChart out of the box. Screenshots of CairoGraphics2D in action. Also […]

Frysk blog

Phil Muldoon started a Frysk blog: I’ll have to admit that before I joined the Frysk team, I did not think much about Execution Analysis – or Debugging – or really any of the thorny, tricksy issues that now dominate my thoughts. Back then – before I looked behind the curtain – a breakpoint was […]


LWN published my GNU Classpth & Friends collaboration article. Highlighting some of the important efforts that brought us together over the last few years.

Your mind on GNU Classpath